UPDATES: Sorry guys for the unexpected Hiatus & the new Hiatus! <3

Posted: May 7, 2012 in My Life.

Hello my Blissfuls! I hope you guys are doing well.

I’m writing this post today to let you guys know why I haven’t posted in about 4 days. I have been scrambling around trying to get the last minute things done for my trip that I’m getting ready to take. I know, NO EXCUSES but I’M SORRRYYYY!!. Also, on Saturday& Sunday I had a really bad stomach virus!!

I was supposed to go to a bday party and couldn’t even go b/c I was sooooo sick. I was literally throwing up everything I ate. When I wasn’t laying down I was in front of the toilet.

Very Horrible, anyways…


I’m better now, gladly and I’m getting ready to take a trip to my hometown, High Point, NC aka the Furniture Capital of the World. Lol (had to plug), but yes I will be gone for about a week, my sister is graduating and I will be doing a lot of meeting and greeting so I will try to post in between this time but I just don’t know if I will be able to, due to the software I use on my computer.


If I can I will, at least to let you guys know how my trip is going!


Thanks for reading!! ❤

Stay BlissfuL!

Also, follow me on Twitter @Blissfulfash where you can stay up to date with the blog and me… ❤

www.twitter.com/blissfulfash <–if you’re lazy, like me!

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