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Isn't she a little too old to be dressing this way or am I being a little close-minded? What do you guys think??

I'm loving this shoes right now, even though they are "from" 2011 they are very beautiful and on trend right now.

This is an interesting piece, but I think it's cute.

Hey Blissfuls,

Just wanted to share with you guys a few deals I have come across. The weekend is coming up and I know everyone has a little time on their hands so why not save some money? I have put together this list of a few great deals going on Nationwide (US) that you can take advantage of this weekend!

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1. $20 off $60 at New York & Company, Promo Code: 1242 or $40 off $120, Promo 1481. These deals are in-store only and through Sunday April 15th 2012

2. $20 off $125 at BEBE!!! or $50 off $250 or more, valid 4/15/12 ONLY! Online code: SPRING12

3. 20% off everything at Kohls (in-store, online, kiosk), online promo code: BLOOM20 (May need in-store coupon, if so post below and i’ll give the link or coupon number if anyone is interested, you may not need it but just in case call before going to Kohls).

4. 20% off a single item at Old Navy. Not valid online and excludes gift cards and jewelry.

I had to add this one…

5. FREE SMALL POPCORN AT AMC THEATERS THIS WEEKEND, Cashier Code: FrSmCrn or comment below for a coupon copy.

I think I like these shoes...

I have always been interested in Fashion and often dreamed of being a fashion designer when I was younger, however I have never really followed “the so-called trends.” I will sometimes incorporate them into my wardrobe selections but I really just like what I like.

I’m more of a classical dresser. I love sleek and elegant or casual stylings. I love to work a bit of a plainer outfit and dress it up with cute accessories, such as my shoes/heels or some other great accessories. I have went to the mall and asked myself, “Is this in season, is this a trend item??” I go to a store and say to myself, “Do I like this piece or do I not like this other piece.” I may see a pair of shoes online or in a picture that are from 2011 or another previous year and I would still want to buy them because I LIKE THEM.

Also, I love unique items that are different, so me seeing an item that is unique I definitely want to get it, wear it and flaunt it, after all that’s what fashion is all about right? Expressing yourself through clothing?

With that being said I also want to incorporate posts of pieces I see online or around that may not be “in trend” or “on trend” or “season” but they are going to be pieces that I think are wonderful and I would just love to share my finds with you all!

What do you think? Will you only shop in season, or do you pick the things that you like regardless of what the world says you should wear in any given month?

Top 5 Deals of the Day! Like this post for all the great deals!

1. Free seasoned fries with your wings Wing Stop

2. Inbox us for a special checkout promo code for $25 off $75 at Loehmanns, which means $50 for $75 worth of items!

3. Extra 40% off handbags TODAY and 50% off clearance at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH.

4. With a party of 3 or more, enjoy free appetizers at Chili’s until 5/30.

5. Two for One 6IN subs until 9am at Subway until 4/30

Hello Blissfuls!!!

I just wanted to let you beautiful ladies and men know that today Macy’s is having a great sale!!
With a special promo code you will receive an extra 15% off sale and clearance items until April 7th!
See, I’m here for you guys so you can get the great deals!!